Company name changed from “Sougo Career Vietnam” to “VIETNAM CAMCOM”

Sougo Career Vietnam changed to “VIETNAM CAMCOM” on May 16, 2023.

In recent years, in Japan, where the shortage of labor force is accelerating, the demand for overseas human resources is increasing, outsourcing overseas (offshore), and the movement to establish corporations is becoming more pronounced.

In response to these social backgrounds, “Sougo Career Vietnam” changed to “VIETNAM CAMCOM”, and we will expand our service and support the business development of client companies in Vietnam by utilizing the know-how of our group’s offshore operations that we have cultivated so far.

What is Sougo Career Vietnam?

Sougo Career Vietnam was established in September 2019, and has been mainly used as an offshore base of CAMCOM Group (former Sougo Career Group). In addition to salary-related work and website creation for temporary employees, we have been collecting information on sending organizations related to technical training.


■Click here for the press release regarding the name change of VIETNAM CAMCOM

Notice of change of company name (VIETNAM CAMCOM COMPANY LIMITED)(pdf)
[Reference Japanese translation] Notice of company name change (Vietnam Camcom Co., Ltd.) Japanese(pdf)