VIETNAM CACOM was established in September 2019. Our mission is to connect all of the overseas needs of Japanese companies with the professional development needs of Vietnamese human resources. Along with that, We would like to create a workplace where human resources who worked in Japan want to return to Vietnam and continue their careers by creating a cycle of human resource circulation between Vietnam and Japan.


Our strengths

  • Japanese recruitment company
    We belong to a group of Japanese human resources companies that have been in business for over 33 years. We provide a service that combines the know-how of a human resources company and the latest technology.
  • High productivity and accuracy
    Standardize the know-how, speed and accuracy of mass data aggregation cultivated in Japan. It achieves high speed and high quality that are outstanding from other companies.
  • Cooperation with Vietnam Sending Organization
    In partnership with more than 40 excellent sending organizations, we are working to create an environment where workers who want to work in Japan and accepting companies and supervising organizations can make transparent and secure contracts.


  • Value

    Behavioral standards for empowering people and creating “good work”


    Achieving Goals – Challenge –
    A place to learn the path to personal growth and success.


    Thanks and Respect –
    Be grateful and respect for your friends and environment.


    Pursuit of convenience – Accessibility –

    “Creating a system that makes human resources more active with ideas and technology.”

  • Mission

    Pursuing convenience for both companies and job seekers, with a focus on human resources, improving productivity and creating employment opportunities

  • Vision

    Becoming a company that creates the most “good work”

  • Purpose

    Empower people, create good jobs, and create a society full of vitality

    We provide workers with ideas and technology
    Empower people by adding new functions,
    More people feel the joy of doing good work,
    We will create a society where more companies can do “good work”.