Recruitment Consulting


Using our many years of experience in the recruiting industry, our network, and our technology applications, we introduce excellent human resources to companies in both Japan and Vietnam.

  • For Japanese companies who are worried about recruiting human resources

    The Camcom Group is a human resources service company that has been growing for over 30 years, boasting a track record of dealing with more than 5,000 companies in Japan.

With Vietnam Camcom
You can hire excellent human resources with practical experience!

  • For Japanese companies in Vietnam

    Recruitment of high-skilled people

    We can quickly propose human resources who are proficient in Japanese, such as those who have studied abroad in Japan, and human resources who have long-term experience in the Japanese manufacturing industry, such as those with specific skills.

  • For Japan

    Recruitment of highly skilled human resources

    In cooperation with the parent company Camtech
    We can introduce mainly excellent local university students.

Job fair

We operate and follow up on job fairs (exhibitions) planned and operated by our parent company, Camtech, in Vietnam.